What is Squijit?

Squijit Sun Shade for Babies

Squijit is a versatile and effective way to shade and care for babies on the move! Research has highlighted the fact that prams should never be fully covered and recommends using a clip-on shade or parasol to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Our shade doesn’t completely enclose the pram so air can flow freely to reduce the chances of your baby overheating.

Squijit fits most pram and car seat makes. The clamp is multifunctional and acts as a docking station for the shade and a bag holder. You can even use Squijit in the ground at the beach or in the park. Check out our videos for more information.

Squijit Sun Shade on Pram at the Park
Multipurpose Squijit Sun Shade

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83% of parents told us that they weren't happy with their current shade product! *

* Source: 24 hour Facebook Poll of 7 mother and baby groups . Total 283 respondents.

News headlines

Parents / carers advised to never cover a baby's pram but use a clip on shade or parasol instead. Click on the logos to read more.


Parasols Bad Fitting on Prams

Wibbly wobbly parasols! Made to fit any pram but often they just don’t! You can't get them on, they fall off, they bump into stuff, they’re too big to store! Often they're just a wibbly wobbly waste of time!

Overheating and SIDS With Covering Prams

Recent research has highlighted that covering a babies pram to protect them from the sun can put the baby at a significantly increased risk of overheating and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Current recommendations are to leave the pram uncovered and use a parasol or clip-on shade to allow air to circulate freely.




In line with new guidelines the shade allows the free movement of air in the pram so reducing the risks of overheating and SIDS.

Easy to use

Easy to use

A truly universal attachment, employing a simple 1,2,3 mechanism. Unique pull-through cord speedily opens and closes the shade.

Safe shading

Safe shading

Tear drop shaped UVF 50+ shade mirrors baby’s body shape providing excellent coverage whilst still providing a view of the big wide world!

Latch and Lock

Latch and Lock

No more wibble-wobble! Award winning and patented latch and lock system adjusts and grips to most prams, buggies and car-seats and stays put!

Never forgotten

Never forgotten

Squijit is compact and stowable which means you’ll never forget your baby’s sunshade again! Simply use the bag to store on the pram or stow away underneath.



A handy bag hook with locking latch can be used at the same time as the shade.

On or off the pram

On or off the pram

At the park? On the beach? No problem! Just pull the Squijit arm out of the clamp and attach the ground anchor.

Visual stimulation

Visual stimulation

Contrasting patterns and shapes on the underside of the shade stimulate baby’s visual development and even allow the baby’s brain to rest at the same time! Clever, hey?!

Prototype product demonstration


We would love your feedback on our product

Squijit is launching soon. We would love your feedback on our product and we’d also love to hear your views about baby shading in general. Click the link to share your thoughts.

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Award winning Concept!

2015 Baby Products Association Concept Award Winner

Proudly designed in the UK

Squijit  is Proudly Designed in the UK

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Squijit developments & news
About Squijit

Hello there! There’s nothing quite like getting out of the house when the sun’s shining BUT moving around with a little one involves a lot of kit! What’s really frustrating is when this ‘kit’ doesn’t do what it says it will!

That’s why Squijit was born. Tired of floppy parasol shades, frustrated with products that swathed the pram in fabric which were too hot and didn’t allow a view out for my little daughter, I started to think about how we could put an end to our one handed summer pram ‘driving’!

Eco Baby Environmentally Thoughtful Product

When I first started designing Squijit I had lots of ideas about colours and textures and general product ‘look’. During the many meetings with the design team, I would ask questions like ‘Can I have a lovely big swirl across the middle of the Squijit clamp?’ or ‘What about this design, can it look like this?’.

I didn’t realise at the time that there’s a lot more to designing an environmentally friendly product than first meets the eye.

Visual Stimulation in Children

The inside of our Squijit shades are detailed with beautifully bold patterns and shapes but why is this? Well, it turns out that little ones just love high contrast design AND it’s crucial for infant visual stimulation.

In fact high contrast patterns not only help develop a baby’s brain faster but they also allow them to develop the ability to focus and engage for longer periods of time. And, although it seems slightly contradictory, whilst intensely concentrating their minds are actually able to rest as well!

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