About Squijit

Hello there! There’s nothing quite like getting out of the house when the sun’s shining BUT moving around with a little one involves a lot of kit! What’s really frustrating is when this ‘kit’ doesn’t do what it says it will!

That’s why Squijit was born. Tired of floppy parasol shades, frustrated with products that swathed the pram in fabric which were too hot and didn’t allow a view out for my little daughter, I started to think about how we could put an end to our one handed summer pram ‘driving’!

A packet of craft card and a selection of my eldest daughter's bendy hair rollers produced our first prototype. We then went on to win the Baby Product Association Concept Award and we are now on the verge of producing the first Squijit.

Product Display Breakdown

We’re here to provide innovative, flexible and safe shading where and when you need it. We’ll be launching soon! Please join us on our journey! Register today for updates, special offers and more.

Laura Meehan
Founder of Squijit

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